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                               V.A.ZHUKOVSKY AS AN INTERPRETER OF THOMAS CAMPBELL’ BALLAD                                                       “LORD ULLIN’S DAUGHTER”                          


Zhatkin Dmitry Nikolaevich, Doctor of philological sciences, professor, head of sub-department of interpretation and translation science, Penza State Technological Academy, fellow of the International Academy of sciences of the pedagogical education, Russian Writers’ Union member, Russian Journalists’ Union member,
Komoltseva Elena Viktorovna, Lecturer, sub-department of interpretation and translational science, Penza State Technological Academy,

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The article deals with the analysis of the interpretation of the famous Thomas Campbell's ballad «Lord Ullin’s Daughter» (which was published in 1809) made by V. A. Zhukovsky in 1833. The English author intentionally gives geographical details and it helps him to make an impression that the ballad was created on the shore where the action took place, while the Russian interpreter doesn’t give many topographical descriptions and misses the detailed description of the place which was effectively made by Campbell in order to make this composition more understandable for Russian readers. V. A. Zhukovsky made his translation shorter, reached the laconicism and impetuosity of the narration, deleted extra details, made the main characters more individual, gave them proper names, made stronger Campbell's illegible sound images, gave successive original actions the sharp beginning and final, found cause and effect connections. 

Key words

Thomas Campbell, Russian-English literary and historic-cultural connections, literary translation, poetry, inter-cultural communication, reception, tradition.

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